The Mega-Brands That Built America

New Series Sun., July 23 at 10/9c; Stream Next Day

The origin stories of some of the most successful and biggest brand names in history.

About the Show

THE Mega-Brands That Built America is the newest series in History’s “That Built” franchise, telling the origin stories of some of the most successful businesses in history: from mega-stores like Costco and Walmart to sporting goods giants like Spalding and Wilson, titans like Ivory Soap, Schick and Gillette, to shipping giants like Fedex and UPS, and countless more of the biggest brand names in history. Each story is told through the “That Built” franchises’ signature blend of expert interviews and archival, mixed with original premium recreations. Through the eyes of the visionaries and entrepreneurs behind the brands, the series takes viewers on a journey; starting with how it all began, following the innovations, the failures, and all the incredible achievements that forever changed the way Americans live. It’s everything you didn’t know about the colossal brands you know so well.

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