Season 1 (4)

3 Seasons | 28 Episodes

Episode 4 Rise of the Super Snakes
S 1 E 4

Rise of the Super Snakes

Aired on Apr 02, 2020
As the hunters face their final week in the Everglades, Troy and Chase protect a remote community from an aggressive gang of alligators. Then, the swampers join forces to track down a deadly hybrid python. Will they be able to stop the rise of the super snakes?
Episode 3 Taking Back the Glades
S 1 E 3

Taking Back the Glades

Aired on Mar 26, 2020
In the third week of fighting monster serpents, hunters face a terrifying reality: the invasion is bigger than they anticipated. With their backs against the wall, Troy, Chase and Bill call upon trackers and thermal drones to get a leg up on the snakes. Meanwhile, Bruce and Zak breakdown in the middle of a swamp that's rumored to be home to the largest serpent in the world--the green anaconda.
Episode 2 The Everglades Triangle
S 1 E 2

The Everglades Triangle

Aired on Mar 19, 2020
One week into the hunt for invasive Burmese pythons, the swampers venture into the foreboding Everglades Triangle. Bruce, Zak and Bill hunt near a mysterious abandoned rocket silo, while Troy and Chase scour a cattle ranch for one of the world's deadliest snakes: the African Rock Python.
Episode 1 Man vs. Snake
S 1 E 1

Man vs. Snake

Aired on Mar 12, 2020
Invasive Burmese pythons are taking over the Florida Everglades and devouring everything in sight. The only way to stop them is to call in the nation's best swampers: King of the Swamp Troy Landry, his son Chase, legendary gator hunter Bruce Mitchell, and big fish wrangler Zak Bagby. Together with professional snake hunter Bill Booth, the men dive into the underbelly of the Everglades to capture and remove the sinister beasts.

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